August Dental Mission:Day 4

The dental team was quick and well-prepared to unpack its supplies the second time around. Children and their parents were already lined up in chairs outside the clinic before the team arrived. While the clinic was being set up, junior volunteers played jump rope and hop scotch with the waiting patients, including Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a 5-year-old girl adopted by Blanca’s House after she was accidentally burned in her grandparent’s home two years ago. Since then, she has been getting plastic surgery through Blanca’s House and receives aid to help her family afford treatments. Jocelyn and her family arrived at the clinic at 8:00AM, after driving 5 hours from Riobamba, but was the last patient of the day because she needed sedation. It was a difficult case for both the anesthesiologists and dentists, but everything went smoothly. In all, the dental team treated 300 patients in 4 days and can’t wait to return to Guayaquil for the next mission!


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