Our Mission

The Go Dental Mission team provides pro bono dental services and dental health education to under-served communities in Latin America.


Go Dental Mission volunteers come from various backgrounds. Our team of volunteers are Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Non-dental Volunteers with an interest in caring for children and adults in urban and rural the communities in Latin America.  Our Dental Team volunteers have a passion for  working with children and adults.

Patient oral health and nutritional education are key elements of the program.  A portion of our volunteers have little or no dental background, however, their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our work.  Non-dental volunteers will work side-by-side with the dental professionals in clinical and school settings.  Interacting with the people of our host country is a critical component for all short term medical mission trips and allows us to leave a lasting foot print on the community.

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